Beau.Cou Scarves & Accessories

Transform the way you feel about any outfit by simply adding a scarf. French for "beautiful neck", Beau.Cou presents a wide range of colours and patterns that do just that. Beau.Cou scarves are unique and incredibly versatile. Best of all, they are designed and handmade in Toronto, Canada.

Message from the scarf maker

I make unique and affordable scarves in my crowded apartment because I love it! I am a self-taught sewer and a scarf fanatic. I believe that anyone can transform the way they feel about any outfit by simply adding a scarf.

I started by making scarves as gifts for my friends and later founded Beau.Cou Scarves (formely Scarfparty) in 2010.

I was raised in the city of Welland, Ontario and have been inspired by fashion ever since I set foot in Toronto. I also believe in buying locally crafted goods and dedicate my spare time to being a supplier.

xox Margot